Saturday, January 14, 2012

Changes to the theory test


Only joking. Its not really that bad. In fact, you probably wouldn't even notice.

What they used to do, was print all the answers in big theory test question banks, so you could literally go and buy all the questions and answers. I remember I had the car one and motorcycle one to do the two respective theory tests I took. They were big, heavy books with around 1500 questions and answers in them.

The changes to the theory test mean they're changing all the questions to basically the same subject matter, but worded differently, and they're not going to print the question bank.

This is to stop people from just memorising the question bank and then using that to pass.

I think that's a little bit paranoid. If you can memorise 1500 questions and answers, you probably have photographic memory and a very high IQ. I don't think you could memorise 1500 questions and answers without picking up theory knowledge.

Honestly, its easier to just learn the subject matter for the theory test than memorising 1500 questions. The highway code isn't exactly massive either.

So before the theory test change, the best thing to do is buy the official DSA theory test study materials (PC CD Roms, DVDs), study as you would for any exam, practice the hazard perception element and go for it.

Taking a theory is pretty cheap, and you can take as many attempts at it as you want, the waiting lists are generally very short.

And good luck!

James Richards, ADI

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